Asking for a referral in your email signature is a valuable digital marketing strategy that is often overlooked as you develop your online optimization strategy. Why? Your email goes to everyone you do business with, engage with, or solicit for anything. If they open your email, they are given your data be default…it’s right in front of ’em. Consistent visual reinforcement AKA, “top of mind awareness” and eventually trust. You can take advantage of this simple, free tool immediately by just adding referral requests to an existing email signature.

You can add a lot of business information, but don’t let it be a sprawling mess. What should you include?

  • Your name and title
  • Business name
  • Tagline
  • Business logo
  • Primary contact information: main phone number, cell, fax, email

The most underused strategy? Asking for a referral in your email signature! Maybe something like, “Like our work? Please refer us to your family, friends and colleagues!”

This is simple to do and highly effective way to solicit referrals. Learn how to create one in Outlook and just do it!

Happy Friday!