If there is anything less frustrating than figuring out how to bulk delete messages from iPhone 4 iOS7, the list is short. Managing the email inbox on the iPhone has historically been one of those mysteries of the universe. Fortunately, there IS a way to get rid of them all at once, without having to click and swipe, click and swipe. Keep your inbox clean and manage your email easily.

Instructions For Deleting Multiple Messages on iPhone 4 iOS7:

1. Click on the email icon on the bottom right of your screen:


2. Click the “Edit” menu button:


3. …and you will see all of your messages with round checkboxes next to them:



4. Select just the first checkbox like this:


5. Now here comes the tricky part. (But not too tricky!) Hold down the move button with one finger, and keeping it held down, DESELECT the first message that you checked:


6. Now let go,and you will see the email accounts page appear as below. Click “TRASH”.

9 (1)

7. You will see your emails disappear, and your screen will show No Mail:


Note: If your emails show up after closing and reopening your email, it is probably the unread messages. All you need to do is mark all as read, and they will delete.