I had heard about it, but never experienced it until one day I got this cheery email…


Your Facebook Page, http://www.facebook.com/xxxxxxxxxxx, has been found to be in violation of Facebook Pages Guidelines. As a result, we have removed your admin rights to this Page. If you would like to regain admin rights to your Page, please fill out the following form:…”

…which leads to an “Admin Privileges Appeal” page where you can request a new name for your site.

The kicker with this is that I didn’t believe the notice when I received it. “Spam!”, I thought. “Tricksters trying to get me to click on the link!” But alas, after a few weeks I got thinking about it and did some research and sure enough, it was the real deal. This is a big deal for a business page with 8,500+ likes!

Once I resolved it was legit, I submitted the appeal page with a new name. Not a big deal in this case, but you can imagine that this could have been a disaster under many circumstances. But Facebook, I’ve gotta hand it to you, well played. They responded immediately to the submission, the name was changed (and it actually matched the website better!) and life went on uninterrupted.

So….just a word of warning…resolving a Facebook page name violation notification isn’t hard, but it is for real! They can and they they will take it if you don’t play under their rules. That goes for other guidelines as well concerning images, etc. Yes, the 20% text rule was removed, but there are plenty more where that came from!

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