evision digital anniversary

Happy Anniversary To eVision Digital!

Usually in this blog post I write about something topical and helpful. A tip, a brief instruction or how-to that might help you get through the day just a bit easier. This week Frustration Free Friday is my chance to be express my gratitude.

eVision Digital Marketing just passed the one-year mark recently. (***APPLAUSE***) That’s a big deal for any business, and definitely a big one for me. Running your own digital marketing business on a shoestring is a challenge, particularly when you realize you just can’t possibly do it all yourself and have to – eek! – ask for help.

This past year has been a huge, awesome learning curve! The good stuff I’ve learned about:

  • Resourcefulness is a gift bolstered by grit, and you’re lucky if you have it. Yeah, I do.
  • Integrity is job #1. Keeping your integrity intact requires honesty and discipline. Have that too.
  • It’s ok if you can’t do certain things yourself, but learn how to find people who do and treat ’em like gold.
  • Cold calling is fun. Yes, I repeat, cold calling is fun.
  • Serious, no-nonsense networking can totally be the key to staying on track and growing at the right rate. You know who you are.
  • The Golden Rule. ‘Nuff said.
  • Humor is the nectar of the gods.

Not every Friday over the last year has been frustration free for me, but more and more of them are becoming so, partly due to having been given the privilege of working with some top-notch people this past year; people who have graciously and generously shared their knowledge and skills with me.

Some significant changes are in the works for eVision Digital as we are growing and helping more clients make a statement on the web. The rules of engagement for SEO, inbound marketing, social and blogging are changing constantly. So, if you have an internet marketing frustration you want to learn more about, let me know!

Call eVision Digital Marketing today at (518) 222-6285 for a free website review, and lets talk about strategic digital marketing services that will grow your business.