If there is one thing that most businesses can benefit from, it is learning how to create frustration free email subject lines.

I just read a great article How to Write a Professional E-mail that Gets a Reply in ProBlogger. This got my attention…I am one of those people who face the dreaded inbox like a warrior poised for battle. In this article, blogger Jackson Nwachukwu tackles the minutae of how to write a professional email that gets read. I would encourage everyone to read this…so many times we toss off an email without really thinking it through. Much can be lost in translation in an email, not only can it come off to the recipient as totally missing a personal or professional tone, but it can easily be sabotaged by misinterpretation. And once it’s out there, it’s out there for everyone.

One simple item that has helped me tremendously in managing emails is the subject line. Knowing how to write email subject lines that are not only descriptive, but accurate and up-to-date can go a long way toward taming the inbox beast!

Two things to help you write email subject lines that organize and minimize the inbox chaos:

  1. Make it descriptive – and polite! If you send an email, give the recipient the courtesy of a clear, descriptive line….don’t make ’em guess:

2. When you get an email from someone, if the topic changes, change the subject line! It’s maddening to have to sift through a dozen emails at a later date to quickly find the particular “version” you want. If your reply to an email is about the topic presented, you can leave it the same. If the topic changed, update the subject line…you can even combine them in a more organized way:

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Photo Credit: Biscarotte via photopin cc