Here are just a few free time management tips for small business owners! You work hard if you own a small business in Glens Falls, Ticonderoga, Saratoga Springs or the Adirondack region. As a matter of fact, you are probably never fully away from your business even when you’re sleeping. Try at least one or two of these to help you stay organized and to help you free up your brain power for your most important task – meeting your business goals!

  • Plan your day the night before. All of those daily items you keep reminding yourself you have to do tomorrow? Email them to yourself, put them on a stickey note, or keep a daily log of “to do”. I actually use these free monthly calendars – I print them off and pencil in my most important client appointments or work tasks on them.
  • Prioritize: For the daily workflow, simple works best! What are the tasks that will benefit you the most? List them in order of maximum profitability, whether large jobs or small, and create a list of what needs to be done in order to complete those tasks. Then prioritize and start knocking them off.
  • Develop Systems: This is completely unique to your business…
    • Can you schedule meetings only on certain mornings of the week between say, the hours of 8:00 AM. and 11:00 a.m.
    • Set up regular calendar dates and times for everything from client follow-ups to writing the company blog, office paperwork, etc.
    • Workflow templates can be invaluable if you have ongoing, repetitive tasks
  • Delegate: This can be extremely hard for small business owners who either don’t have anyone to help them, or just can’t make themselves delegate. You’re the owner because you are the best at what you do, and have a certain way you want things done. If you can’t give away those daily work or client items, start small by having someone work on organizing your office environment, your calendar, setting up an answering service or sending out client ‘thank you’s’ or marketing materials. A virtual assistant can be amazingly helpful and uber affordable. You can look at Elance, Odesk, or any other number of online companies. (Research carefully, please!)
  • Email: This is probably a small business owner’s biggest time suck!
    • Only check your email twice a day
    • Organize with folders where you can pop your emails in as soon as they hit your inbox and you have addressed them
    • For heaven’s sake, use your email subject line wisely
  • Take a break. Have a snack, stretch, take a walk or phone a friend!

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