Amid the ever-changing economic landscape in Upstate NY, content marketing strategies promise opportunity and options for small business owners to increase their visibility and brand. Inbound marketing = Expertise + Customer Service, and the art of “across the fence” relationships continues to thrive in a digital world. How can a small business owner in Upstate NY compete online? By (just like your Mom used to say!) being true to yourself. Much has changed in the buying environment, but one thing hasn’t. People buy from someone they trust.

The level of expertise you display, your knowledge and your willingness to give will determine whether or not prospects will read your content, return for more and share it with others. Real content that represents who you are and what your business is all about goes a long way toward building trust, gaining a following, and – ultimately – being able to ask for the business.

What types of content marketing work for a small business in Upstate NY?

  • Your website: If you haven’t looked it over, give your website content a critical review. Read every page. Out loud. And think about how your prospects would perceive it. Is it relevant and up to date? Does it make sense? Easily understandable? Are there misspellings, grammatical errors or – worst of all – no content at all? Are there bullets to break up long stretches of text? Need help?
  • Blogging: This is where a small business can shine. You have the opportunity here to showcase everything you do best, from offering unique products and services, to providing superlative customer service, sharing testimonials, community involvement, and include interviews, images and videos. This is the place where you can compete with the bigger companies based upon what you do differently.
  • Newsletters: Easy to produce and uber affordable, e-newsletters can be your ongoing marketing initiative for customers who invite you to market to them.
  • Social Media: Social media allows you to get personal in a professional way. Decide which platforms work best for you – choose one or two – and work it until your personality and persona come through. This is something small business owners have an edge with…your customers will identify with and follow you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Successful inbound marketing is steeped in the approach that if you can solve a problem or resolve pain that someone is having, you will gain a loyal customer or follower. Whether you need a professional writer to clean up your writing for your blog post or a social media expert to consult with you on how best to approach that venue, call eVision Digital Marketing at (518) 222-6285 or contact us for a quote on helping your business meet its content marketing goals in Upstate New York!

Photo credit: Kristina B via photopin cc