What are website calls to action, and why does a small business need them?

A website call to action (CTA) is an image, line of text or other visible prompt that spurs visitors to your site page to take action.

When someone lands on your website, you don’t want them to just browse through the text, look at the images and leave. For the right CTA, you must decide what you want them to do once they are on the page:

  • Get a free quote
  • Sign up for an event
  • Download a report or an e-book
  • Order a product
  • Share your information on a social platform

When someone comes into a brick-and-mortar store, or calls you for your service, what you do you?

  • “Hello! Can I help you?”
  • “I can order that for you if you don’t see what you want in the store.”
  • “Would you like me to show you how that works?”
  • “We can have that delivered right to your home for you.”
  • “Let me know if you don’t see what you’re looking for .”
  • “We are running a special on this item today!”

firefox1-300x147So…do the same for your business online! Where to start? Decide what you want your visitors to do! Want them to call you? Make a reservation online? Fill out a form, or buy directly from your website? Check out some great calls to action, and find some tools for CTA creation that can help you get started, or contact Pam at eVision Digital for a website evaluation and digital marketing solutions for your small business!

Remember…service with a smile, a helpful attitude and ACTION should be just the same on your website as they are when you face-to-face your customers.

Happy Friday!