What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Like most business owners, you probably believe that maintaining the appearance and functionality of your usiness is important to your success. Your brand and your reputation are often tightly interlinked with your “curb appeal”, your customer service and the experiences they have under your roof.

For instance, do you:

  • Take steps to keep your place of business: clean, safe and attractive?
  • Update or purchase new tools or systems when necessary?
  • Keep records of how many people come to your business, of how they found you and what parts of your business were of the greatest interest to them?
  • Update merchandise or product pricing regularly, and remove old or discontinued merchandise?
  • Do you keep your signage and branding easily visible, attractive, and engaging?

Your website is your online storefront, and it must meet those same exact criteria. Does it? If you are not doing these basic updates to what is one of your most valuable business assets, you may be losing business on a daily basis, and missing out on opportunities to help your business grow. For businesses serious about their brand, a website maintenance program is a necessity that can help put your online storefront on the map.

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