One of the questions I get the most from people is “What can I blog about? I need ideas for my blog!) It can be frustrating, but there are tons of things you can pick from and make them long or short, light-hearted or intense. Here’s a few blogging ideas to get you started. Now go do it!

1. Top 10 Lists: ..or Top 5, or Top 3, whatever most suits your topic. People love these.

2. “How To”: anything! Instructions or directions about anything, from how to tie a scarf to fixing a leak, writing an e-book or finding the best digital marketer, these are always popular.

3. Tips for how to do anything easier, better, faster, cheaper. These are gold nuggets, short and sweet.

4. Reviews: Read a book that your readers might find of interest? Used a product, attended an event? All awesome blog post ideas. With images, please!

5. Video: A short fun or informative video can be posted with just a bit of text! This is best for interesting, educational or fun things. No need to wig out about it, your cell phone camera will do. Check out this How to Create a YouTube Channel and Upload a Video by Youtube.

6. Resource sharing with your audience (Ahem…) Websites, books, audio podcasts, articles, anything that you can share with them to help them solve a problem or do something better.

7. Interview someone! This is a great one, because the interviewee and his/her family, friends, etc. will want to see it to. Instant mini-viral effect! (Include pictures!)

8 .FAQ: Ask and answer the top 5 or 10 questions you think people want to know about you, your business or industry.

9. Community: Seen something worthwhile happening in your circle or community? A non-profit event, or another business (competitors welcome!) who has done something positive to give back? Write about it.

10. Share the business love: Just for the heck of it, post a blog talking about the companies or owners YOU like best. Who has the best customer service? Return policy? Awesome products? Link to them and then share it.

Don’t forget to fully optimize and promote those posts! Happy Friday!

Photo Credit: Jonno Witts via photopin cc