Why Do You Need WordPress Website Maintenance Services?

WordPress is an amazing product – an open-source software program whose unique strength and appeal comes from the fact that is that it is constantly being improved and developed for increased functionality. Yet because it does work so beautifully and is so incredibly popular, it has become a prime target for hackers. With 20% of the web running on WordPress, the stakes are high to keep it safe and functioning at its best.

Updates for WordPress, themes and plugins provide you with the security and protection you need. Why? When updates or patches are released, they are typically in response to holes or vulnerabilities discovered in the program. If you are not aware of those changes, your website may be at risk. Regular updates let you keep eyes on the latest changes and ensure that your website remains secure and working at its best potential.

WordPress Update Components

To ensure your WordPress site and plugins-ins remain up-to-date and in prime working condition, there are a number of steps that can be an important part of a plan, including:

  • Updates to WordPress
  • Updates to Plugins
  • Monthly backup of website database and content
  • Removal of spam comments on blog
  • Add a security plugin and keep it updated
  • Compatibility testing on all upgrades

Having a WordPress maintenance plan in place provides peace of mind and security, helping to keep your site protected, up to date and backed up in the event you need to restore it. Just like you get the oil changed in your car, the trim painted on your house, and the filter changed on your furnace, WordPress Maintenance is a no-brainer.

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